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What is a Survey?

A survey is a property health check carried out on behalf of any individual considering the purchase of a property. The inspection will result in a detailed report providing information about the condition of the property and any areas of concern. At Davidson Aquila we utilise bespoke levels of surveys, described below:

Homebuyer Report
Level 1

The most common level of survey and is carried out to assess the overall condition of the property. Designed for conventional residential properties and those no older than 100 years.

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Building Survey
Level 2

An in-depth inspection of all accessible areas, detailing any defects or maintenance issues. It is recommended for older properties or properties that have been structurally altered or require a license to alter.

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Structural Survey
Level 3

A comprehensive survey which includes Levels 1 and 2, and in addition: details the structural integrity and construction materials of the property. This is often instructed due to a particular issue of concern or a structural defect. Allows the surveyor or engineer to provide an opinion on how to rectify such a defect and the associated costs.

Intrusive Survey
Level 4

Invasive surveys usually follow an initial Level 3 (non-invasive) survey which has uncovered evidence of one or more serious defects. This may include taking the building apart which would require everybody’s agreement including the owner as there will be associated costs of repairs. This may include lifting carpets, exposing brickwork and load-bearing structures, etc.

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